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Total Solar Eclipse- Lake Blue Ridge

Monday, August 21st

Totality is peaking around 2:30 PM but

It will begin getting dark before Noon.

We specialize in providing High Speed Wireless Internet to Marinas, Boaters, as well as underserved lakeside communities

We are a division of Brightlan Internet

Do you live on (or close to) the lake? Are you fed up with overpriced mediocre or worse Internet service via DSL or satellite. Or can you not even get Internet where you are?  We may be able to help.

We’re your neighbors on the lake and we are fed up too!

And we’re surveying for a possible expansion of the service we currently provide on Lakes Lanier and Allatoona. We’d like to hear from folks who would support a locally owned Internet Service Provider.

Seen those Internet signs around advertising a toll free number? They are a Satellite Internet Company masquerading as something local. We aren’t that! And we certainly are not a fancy phone company or cable company!   

We’ve been in business since 2005. All we do is provide Internet. And we have options that don’t have contracts or charge overages like your friendly cell phone companies..

Our service works via microwave from local towers or other high spots. This means there are no weather issues with fading and no lag due to satellite signals having to travel 44,000 miles round trip.   

If you live on a really high spot, you could join the network and your antenna could help neighbors and others get it too! In that case you get a break on your service (or possibly even FREE service)

Right now we’re checking out the demand, and if this sounds good to you we’d love you to contact us and show your interest.   If you think your location can help the network, please let us know that as well. Let us know your address or GPS coordinates.

Just visit the Contact page  or drop us an Email at